Max Puts the Boot into Pakistan

Pro-Israeli hawk urges U.S. to “get tough” with sole Islamic nuclear power

By Maidhc Ó Cathail
October 7, 2011

While much attention has been paid to Admiral Mike Mullen’s allegations that Pakistan’s ISI was behind recent attacks on American targets in Afghanistan attributed to the Haqqani network, the subsequent call by an influential neoconservative pundit for the United States to “get tough with Pakistan” seems to have gone unnoticed.

Writing this week in two of the neoconservative flagship outlets, Commentary and The Weekly Standard, Max Boot argues for a more aggressive U.S. approach to Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency. “I suggest we start treating Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency the way we treated Iran’s Quds Force in Iraq,” Boot opines in Commentary, an influential magazine founded by the American Jewish Committee, a key component of the pro-Israel lobby. “That is to say, apply the full range of our power–everything from diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions, to kinetic military action–to curb the menace posed by this group.”

Currently a senior fellow in national security studies at the influential Council on Foreign Relations, Max Boot clearly has the kind of influence that could turn his not-so-humble suggestion into American policy. In March 2010, General David Petraeus, then head of U.S. Central Command, turned to Boot for help when some articles appeared in the American media noting that Petraeus’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee implied that Washington’s uncritical support of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians was hurting U.S. interests in the region.

Petraeus forwarded one of the articles to Boot, with a note saying, “As you know, I didn’t say that. It’s in a written submission for the record….” In his reply, Boot dismissed the source’s credibility, but promised Petraeus that he would write “another short item pointing people to what you actually said as opposed to what’s in the posture statement.” Appreciative, but clearly still concerned to ingratiate himself with Israel’s powerful supporters, six minutes later Petraeus wrote back: “Thx, Max. (Does it help if folks know that I hosted Elie Wiesel and his wife at our quarters last Sun night?! And that I will be the speaker at the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps in mid-Apr at the Capitol Dome…).” When the Russian-born Jewish writer assured the four-star general that this wasn’t relevant since he wasn’t being accused of being anti-Semitic, a relieved Petraeus signed off with a “Roger!” followed by a smiley emoticon.

The embarrassing spectacle of one of America’s most eminent military commanders seeing fit to grovel in such a demeaning way before a young pro-Israeli hack would surely have ended General Petraeus’s career in Washington before it began if the American public had been made aware of the incident. The Israel-centric U.S. media, however, chose to studiously ignore the revealing Petraeus-Boot correspondence. As a consequence of the media’s silence, the servile Petraeus is currently director of the CIA, overseeing the murderous drone strikes which are predictably enraging the Pakistani people; while his self-assured confidant is goading American policy-makers from his safe perch at the neocons’ primary warmongering media outlets to escalate such provocative policies against the world’s sole Islamic nuclear power–a country which, not insignificantly, has been designated as Israel’s greatest strategic threat by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

While most Americans remain oblivious to the crimes being committed in their names around the world, those concerned about Pakistan’s security would do well to remember that what’s on the pages of Commentary and The Weekly Standard one day will most likely be on the lips of the Israel lobby’s compliant Congressmen and Pentagon and White House officials the next.

Maidhc Ó Cathail is an investigative journalist and Middle East analyst.



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14 responses to “Max Puts the Boot into Pakistan

  1. 911 Motive and Media Betrayal (must watch response by former CIA Bin Laden unit head Mike Scheuer):

  2. USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews James Morris about Cindy McCain email (neocon warmonger agenda mentioned as well):

    Additional via

  3. Oh dear! How appalling. It seems to me that to be a general in the US military, one has to be a career arselick.

  4. A funny note re Max Boot who never speaks of his being either Jewish or Russian-born and apparently is never quizzed because he speaks accentless English. I found that out when I interviewed him some years ago after he wrote “Savage Wars for Peace,” which was one of the best compilations of US foreign intervention that I had seen, the only problem being that he justified every single one and considered Smedley Butler to have been naive. Of course, like all of the other neocon chicken hawks, he wanted someone else besides him and his landsmen to fight America’s savage wars.

    Near the end of the interview in which he demonstrated a remarkable disconnection with reality, I opened the phones to my listeners and one woman called in and asked him how old he was. Boot thought that to be a peculiar question and wondered why that was important.

    I asked that, the woman replied, because you sound so inexperienced and I think you should explore the world a little more before making statements like you do.

    I thought that was perfect.

  5. Neocon warmonger Max Boot mentioned in following ‘Whose War’? article as well:

  6. I think you are WAY off base, with your comment that your goal is to inform Americans of “variety of evils that ensue from America’s passionate attachment to Israel,” especially since Pres. Obama has been in office. He has made it clear from the start, that he is NOT a boot licker like the past Presidents were, and Netanahu (sp?) is no fan of his because of it. Americans today do not have the same sympathy and empathy for Israel they once did. Read up on some blogs and comment boards when Israel is the subject. Most want us the hell out of there, and find AIPAC a leech. The neocon newspaper Weekly Standard is certainly not a well respected source of news for most of us.

  7. the_last_name_left

    What are Israel’s concerns with Pakistan? Do tell?

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  9. Following is a youtube of James Morris’ call for Eli Lake and his response:

    Abuse of Power: 9/11, War and the Neocons:

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