WikiLeaks: A Very Short Coincidence Theory

It is surely just a coincidence that the law firm – Finers Stephens Innocent – which represents Julian Assange and set up the Julian Assange Defense Fund is also legal adviser to the Rothschild Waddesdon Trust; that the partially Rothschild-owned Economist gave Assange its 2008 Freedom of Expression Award; that Lord Rothschild is deputy chairman of BSkyB, whose warmongering chairman Rupert Murdoch and his propagandist father were lauded as fearless advocates of the truth by the WikiLeaks founder in an op-ed in the Murdoch-owned The Australian; that Benjamin Netanyahu, who often stays with Murdoch in London and has the award-winning pro-Israel media magnate on his “list of millionaires” (i.e. potential donors), was not only the sole world leader “undoubtedly delighted” by the leaks but was singled out by Assange as a believer in diplomatic transparency; and that the criminal state for which WikiLeaks provided an unexpected “diplomatic coup” was first promised to British Zionists in an enigmatic 1917 letter to an earlier Lord Rothschild.

These intriguing connections — which might appear suspicious to those suffering from the “crippled epistemology” associated with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories — are undoubtedly coincidental.



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4 responses to “WikiLeaks: A Very Short Coincidence Theory

  1. Salman Abbasy

    A wonderful weaving of convenient coincidences in a fine fairytale to cheer the children of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine at Christmastime.

  2. Still working for the Ministry of Information, Salman?

    Officer charged with indiscipline
    By: Azam Khalil | Published: October 11, 2009

    Lahore – The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has decided to proceed against one of its senior officials Salman Abbasy who sent an email to several people that contained an extract from the book of Husain Haqqani, presently Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States.

    The email has been sent at a time when a virulent debate has erupted in this country on the issue of the Kerry-Lugar Bill.

    The motive of the email seems to be to create serious misunderstandings between different pillars of the government and also to tarnish the image of Husain Haqqani by quoting an extract from his book ‘Pakistan, Between Mosque and Military’ that may leave an erroneous impression with the readers of the email.

    The bosses of the Ministry of Information after being informed about this serious misconduct committed by one of their officials have referred this case to the establishment division so that formal proceedings of misconduct are initiated against the erring official and who if found guilty may be punished according to the law.

    It may be recalled that previously also the ministry was informed that certain officials, who have been assigned to protect the image of the government, were found sending negative SMS messages to journalists and other organisations that created an adverse impact for the Federal government in Islamabad.

    However, the Ministry instead of taking action under the rules against those officials, not only protected them but defended them at various forums.

    Now that Salman Abbasy has sent an email to different people that has tried to create negative perceptions about the Kerry-Lugar bill amongst the recipients of the email message, the Federal Information Ministry has decided to initiate proceedings as envisaged by the rules governing the civil servants in this country.

  3. Its sad but then arm twisting is there in every country, even USA and Britain are no exception.
    The 84 year lady journalist in the White House lost her job when she raised her voice against Zionism.

  4. Salman Abbasy

    Maidhc O Cathail’s response was brought to my notice recently. I continued to work for the government until reaching the mandatory retirement age, 60 years, in the first week of August 2010. Azam Khalil’s story cited by him is completely false. No disciplinary action was contemplated or taken against me. The story was ‘planted’ through a US-endorsed political appointee of the PPP government in the Ministry of Information. I did send an email quoting from Husain Haqqani’s book to assist top public information officials (not media) formulating responses to the Kerry Lugar Bill. Time has proved that my analysis was accurate and events took place as predicted. It upset a lot of people in the “pro-US” camp who felt I had prematurely let the cat out of the bag. I was paid to promote Pakistan’s interests and I did.

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