The Next 9/11—Made in Israel?

Citing the possibility of a terrorist organization getting hold of a nuclear weapon as the greatest threat to U.S. security, Barack Obama persuaded 46 other countries at the recent Nuclear Security Summit to agree to secure the world’s loose nuclear material. Those leaders who came to Washington might have made done more to avert a nuclear attack, however, if they had asked the U.S. President to account for America’s own loose nukes.

Of course, President Obama may not even be aware of the egregious failure of the United States to secure its nuclear materials and know-how from the predation of its alleged “closest ally.” But since Obama is unwilling to even “speculate” about which country in the Middle East has nuclear weapons, he could hardly be expected to acknowledge how it got them.

In a recent article aptly titled “America’s Loose Nukes in Israel,” Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (Irmep) and author of Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy, shows how “the U.S is a sieve for Israeli nuclear espionage.”

The massive arms smuggling network set up by David Ben-Gurion in the United States in the 1940s had acquired a nuclear branch within a decade, according to Smith. The 1955 purchase of the Apollo Steel Company plant in Pennsylvania was financed by David Lowenthal, a close friend of Israel’s first prime minister and a former member of the Haganah, the precursor to the Israeli army. The following year, Dr. Zalman Shapiro, head of a local Zionist Organization of America chapter, incorporated the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) at Apollo. Before long, NUMEC was receiving large quantities of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from Westinghouse and the U.S. Navy for nuclear reprocessing.

By the 1960s, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) became suspicious of security lapses at NUMEC, and even considered suspending its “classified weapons work.” A 1965 AEC audit discovered that 220 pounds of highly enriched uranium were unaccounted for. The following year, the FBI launched its own investigation, codenamed Project Divert, to monitor NUMEC’s management and its frequent Israeli visitors. Nevertheless, the diversion of nuclear material to Israel continued unabated. After a September 10, 1968 visit by four Israelis, including Mossad agent Rafi Eitan, a further 587 pounds of highly enriched uranium went missing.

Israel’s nuclear espionage against the United States didn’t end with its accession to the nuclear club in the 1960s, however. As former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds revealed, its smuggling network received crucial assistance from three high-ranking officials in the George W. Bush administration. All three have close ties to Israel’s military-industrial complex.

According to the FBI whistleblower, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith provided Marc Grossman, the third highest-ranking official in the State Department, with a list of Department of Defense employees with access to sensitive data, including nuclear technology. The list also included highly sensitive personal details, such as sexual preference, problems with gambling or alcoholism, and how much they owed on their mortgages. Grossman then passed on the information to Israeli and Turkish agents, who used it to “hook” those Pentagon officials. In addition, as Edmonds testified in an Ohio court case, the foreign operatives had recruited people “on almost every major nuclear facility in the United States.”

After Israel and Turkey took what they wanted from the pilfered secrets, their agents offered what was left to the highest bidder. As Edmonds has told the Sunday Times, American Conservative and, nuclear information was sold on the black market, where anyone—even al-Qaeda—could buy it.

So then, it would seem that those who shout loudest about the threat of terrorists—namely, neoconservatives like Perle, Feith and Grossman and their Israeli counterparts—are the very ones who are aiding them, at least indirectly, to acquire those much touted weapons of mass destruction.

But why, one might reasonably ask, would Israeli agents help their supposed enemies get hold of the bomb?

Consider: what would be the likely outcome if Obama’s worst fears of a nuclear attack on the United States—or one of its allies—are realized?

Regardless of the facts, some Islamic country— most likely, Iran or Pakistan—would be blamed for aiding the terrorists. And it doesn’t require an advanced degree in game theory to predict what America’s reaction would be. The retaliation would be so swift and devastating that the designated evildoers might envy the fate of post-invasion Iraqis—also victims of an Israeli misdirection.

If, as Benjamin Netanyahu admitted, 9/11 was “very good” for Israel, a nuclear 9/11 might be even better. As the spellbinding effects of that traumatic event nine years ago have begun to wear off, and with Americans increasingly questioning the costs of a one-sided alliance, it may even be considered necessary.

This article was published in the July 2010 edition of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.



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11 responses to “The Next 9/11—Made in Israel?

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  2. JFK said that Israel would get the atomic bomb over his dead body…

    He’s dead and Israel is one of, if not the most dangerous nuclear armed state on the planet.

    Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

    This 760 page book charges that Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, collaborated alongside the CIA in the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

    “A nation that is afraid to debate it’s issues in a public forum, is a nation that is afraid of it’s people.” – JFK

    French intelligence officer Herve Lemarr once wrote that:

    “President Kennedy’s assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and false mirrors, and when the curtain fell the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared. But the magicians were not illusionists but professionals, artists in their way.”

    Since November 22, 1963 many have spent vast amounts of time researching the assassination, putting forth a wide variety of theories.

    So while people have focused on how many assassins were involved, and how many shots they fired at JFK and where the shots came from and where the bullets hit, the real question of who was ultimately responsible for the assassination—not who fired the bullets, but who sponsored the assassins who fired those bullets—has been ignored.

    Thus, to find out who is responsible for JFK’s murder, we have to find out WHY he was murdered—what motivated those who orchestrated his assassination.

    Consider the wide-ranging array of suspects that have been put forth:

    Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone; The Soviet KGB; Fidel Castro; Anti-Castro Cubans; The “Mafia”; Rogue CIA operatives and anti-Castro Cubans in collaboration with elements of “the Mafia”; J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI; Lyndon Baines Johnson; Former Nazi intelligence officers; The Texas Oil Barons; and The Military-Industrial Complex.

    Ten years ago, in 1992, a new suspect was added to the list. Former Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) made the little-noticed but intriguing comment in the March 1992 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs that “it is interesting but not surprising to note that in all the words written about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned, despite the obvious fact Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories.

    The first big question is whether Israel’s Mossad would actually consider assassinating an American president perceived hostile to Israel?

    According to ex-Mossad man Victor Ostrovsky, the Israeli spy agency hatched a plan to kill President George Bush in 1991.

    There is also evidence that the Jewish underground in Palestine in 1947 sent poisoned letters to President Harry Truman because he was dragging his feet as far as supporting the drive for a Jewish state was concerned. This information comes from Truman’s daughter, Margaret Truman, writing in a biography of her father.

    The point is this: if Israel did indeed consider assassinating Bush in 1991 and Truman in 1947, why should we not also consider the possibility that the Mossad was indeed involved in a plot against John F. Kennedy in 1963?

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  6. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    cheney & the pentagon crime scene
    extortion blackmail bribery
    bush cheney rove rummy
    anthrax intimidation
    bush as the puppet
    banker bodyguard
    dancing mossad
    media cover up
    israeli trolls

    fox fallon
    usn vets

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  8. in a word–EXCELLENT.

    Wish you lived closer to home so we could get you on the show.


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  10. rehmat1

    On March 11, 2008 – Admiral William Fallon, head of US Central Command resigned because Bush administration did not give importance to his opposition to US planned attack on Islamic Iran under Israel Lobby pressure.

    On May 8, 2008 – Congressman John Conyers Jr. threatened Bush with impeachment if he attacked Islamic Iran without Congressional authority.

    That’s the reason that while Israeli leaders are bending backward to terrorize the Americans of Iranian threat – many senior American officials are not buying Israeli propaganda lies. So much so that even the committed Zionist, vice-president Joe Biden, who once said: ”You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” – in his CNN interview warned prime minister Netanyahu’s new Israeli governtment: “It would be ill-advised to launch a military strike against Iran.”

    However, now that the triger to Israel’s 240-400 nuclear bombs is in the hands of a Zionist mass-killer, Benjamin Netanyahu, who gloated on the 9/11 carnage – could scare the hell out of Obama’s Israel Lobby-controlled administration with the help of its White House Chief of Staff, a former Israeli soldier and son of a Jew-terrorist or fake another much bigger terrorist attack than the 9/11 – to swing American public opinion in favour of war on Islamic Iran. Former US Middle East negotiator, Aaron David Miller did predict that Netanyahu’s first priority would be a strategic conversation with Barack Obama to scare the day lights out of the US president, the ultimate objective of which would be mobilizing not only the US but also the entire international community into addressing the Iranian situation in a manner deemed acceptable to the Zionist regime’s agenda in the Middle East.

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